How It Works


Congratulations!  You have joined The Athletes Village, home to expert sports advice and community support to help you reach your potential as an athlete, coach, or parent.

To help you get started in our athletics and sports forums, we have created the following cheat sheet that will guide you through the main features, so you can get the most out of your experience with us.  Check out these guidelines to get a feel for what The Athletes Village is all about!


As a Villager, you are able to ask questions that are specific and relevant to your wants and needs as an athlete, coach, or parent.

You can search for your question by typing in the search bar.  If your question or something similar has already been asked in the sports forum, it will show up and you can immediately begin reading amazing answers from other Villagers.  If your question is entirely new, you are able to post your question, add additional details, and select category and topic labels.  You also have the option to post anonymously.

The more detailed and specific your question, the more accurate and helpful your answers will be.


You and all other Villagers are encouraged to answer questions and share your knowledge and experience with the community, whatever that may be.

The Athletes Village is home to thousands of questions on many topics relating to sports, nutrition, coaching, parenting, injury-prevention, etc.  As a Villager, you can answer any question you want by clicking “Answer This.”

The Athletes Village community wants to hear your advice and learn from your experience in our sports forum.  Contribute your thoughts to questions that stand out to you.  You can answer as many questions as you want in as much or as little detail as desired.

Make sure you check out “Questions for Me” under “My Village” to see unanswered questions that relate to your categories of interest.  This makes it easy for you to find the best questions for you to answer.

We encourage you to answer questions and contribute to the healthy sharing of knowledge that will enhance everyone’s sports experience.


If you see a question or answer you find particularly beneficial, insightful, or interesting, you can validate that contribution by “fist-bumping” or “bumping” it.  The more bumps an entry gets in the sports forum, the more attention it will receive.  This will help the rest of The Athletes Village community quickly find the most relevant and valuable information.  Also, “bumping” questions and answers is a way of saying “thank you” to those who you feel have made positive additions to The Athletes Village.


Some questions or answers will stand out among the rest, and will be particularly relevant or helpful to you.  You can “Favorite” those notable entries, which saves them in your profile for quick and easy access anytime.  It won’t take long before you have a healthy list of content that is especially valuable to you.


There are many ways you can engage on The Athletes Village.  Whether it is asking or answering questions, fist-bumping helpful contributions, or sharing content across your social media, there are many opportunities where Villagers can help one another get the most out of their sports experience.  We want to reward you for adding to The Athletes Village and doing your part to improve the world of sports.  Rack up points through your engagement with the site and see yourself climb the leaderboard and win some amazing prizes.

Points can be earned in the following way:

  • Uploading profile picture (50 points – one time only)
  • Filling out your profile (50 points – one time only)
  • Answering a question (15 points)
  • Asking a question (10 points)
  • Sharing questions on social media (2 points per share)
  • Fist-bumping a question or answer (1 pt – 50 points/month maximum)
  • Getting flagged for breaking any of our Best Practices (lost 25 points)


We believe The Athletes Village can benefit all athletes, coaches, and parents, and we want you to help spread the word.  Earn points by sharing questions, answers, or content to your social media accounts. Send us pictures and a description of your sports achievements, goals, or triumphs — you may be featured on our Instagram.