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Whether you’re designing a practice, competing, or preparing a post-game meal, The Athletes Village is there to ensure you have all the advice you need from sports experts to enhance your athletic experience. Parents, Athletes and Coaches can check out their questions, answers, and favorites, and also see what’s “trending now” on their favorite phone, tablet or desktop device.

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Get advice from knowledgeable sports experts in the fields of coaching, parenting, nutrition, psychology and strength training! We verify each expert so that you know you are getting the quality information you need. Interested in knowing what Olympic volleyball player Carli Lloyd does to keep her head in the game? We’ll let you know when motivational athletes like her are fielding questions here at The Athletes Village.

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Being an athlete is a lifelong pursuit. We’ve found sports to be beneficial to us, our families, our communities and the world. The Athletes Village is a place where sports enthusiasts of all ages, and all levels can find trustworthy information quickly to stay active at any age.

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As you earn points and raise your sports expert status within The Athletes Village you will receive corresponding badges that will appear publicly next to your name. Your friends and other villagers will see how much you’ve given back to the movement and your answers will receive extra “fist bumps” to ensure your thoughts and advice are being shared.

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The Athletes Village works to promote philanthropic organizations dedicated to promotiing healthy lifestyles and bringing the joy of sports and healthy aerobic activity to youth all over the world.

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Helping others has never been so rewarding! Compete with fellow villagers every month by actively participating within the village. Points are awarded by asking and answering questions, fist bumping or benching topics as well as assisting and sharing through social media. Rewards include The Athletes Village swag, fist pump boosts, profile exposure and opportunities to ask questions directly to your favorite sports personas. The more you participate, the better chances of rewards!

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