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The Athletes Village functions by having the community ask and answer questions. When you want to know more about a sports/athletic/lifestyle topic, The Athletes Village is committed to providing you with quality information and content from people who know the answers to your questions – like elite athletes, coaches, doctors, and more.

Be Respectful

Everyone at The Athletes Village is here to make the site a great resource with diverse backgrounds, views, and opinions. It is OK to disagree. In fact, this fosters discussion, but please be civil, respectful, and considerate.

Be Clear & Concise

Be concise and use proper grammar and spelling when asking a question. Complete, neutrally phrased, open-ended questions will encourage meaningful answers.

Be Helpful and Sincere

Make sure that your answers are clear, easy-to-read and informative. Answers that are genuine, explain why they answer the question being asked, cite legitimate sources, and add new and useful information to the page make The Athletes Village the best possible resource for someone with the same question.


General Guidelines

In order to provide a space where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and writing answers, all of our users follow a few best practice rules so that we keep our community safe, encouraging and meaningful. Please review these guidelines to help make each question useful for everyone.


1. Illegal activity

Refrain from using The Athletes Village community for participating in unlawful activity or to encourage illegal acts.

2. Intellectual Property 

Do not post content that infringes any intellectual property right of another party. If you do intend to cite another source, it should be properly attributed and block quoted.

3. Privacy 

Do not publish personal identifiable information of others without their permission. If someone asks you an inappropriate or personal question, you have the right to have the entire question and its content flagged for removal.

4. Hate Speech 

Here at The Athletes Village, we encourage civil discourse, and we do not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or group based on race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic.

5. Harassment and Bullying 

Abusive behavior directed towards private individuals is not allowed. Repeated and unwanted contact is a form of harassment and is grounds for having an account terminated.

6. Identity and Deceptive Activity 

Your The Athletes Village profile should use your real name. Do not use The Athletes Village to impersonate another person, act as another entity without authorization, or create multiple accounts.

7. Spam 

Do not use The Athletes Village to post untargeted promotional or commercial content or content that solicits others for personal or financial gain.

8. Sexually Explicit Material 

The Athletes Village is a community built of athletes, families, students and other individuals. Sexually explicit content is not permitted in order to keep the constructive and appropriate for all eyes. Profile and topic photos may not contain nudity or sexually explicit material.

9. Malicious Activity 

Do not contribute viruses, malware, and other malicious programs or engage in activity that harms or interferes with the operation of The Athletes Village.

Reporting Problems 

If you see something on The Athletes Village that you believe violates our guidelines or policies, please report it to us. Violations may result in limiting or terminating a user’s access to The Athletes Village.

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